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Ayurveda is the oldest traditional healing system practiced in India and the most comprehensive and ancient holistic healing system in the world. Sages and seers gave this ancient knowledge to mankind more than 5000 years ago. Now, its benefits are brought to everyone with a scientific approach.

We offer a slew of Ayurvedic packages comprising rejuvenation treatments, curative treatments, beauty & skin care, yoga & meditation and eye care, which are tailor made for specific individual needs.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Special Program for removing excess fat from the body.

Weight Loss
Beauty Care

Therapies which improve skin texture complexion etc...

Weight Loss
Hair Care

Therapies which helps in the growth of healthy hairs, prevents premature graying & baldness.

Weight Loss

t is defined as any herb, food or activity which bestows youthfulness and cures disease.

Our eight Ayurvedic pinciples

  • Proper Ayurvedic treatment to cure diseases
  • Rejuvenation therapy for fitness
  • Proper exercise - for strength & flexibility
  • Proper breathing - for energy
  • Proper relaxation - recharges the system
  • Proper diet for health
  • Positive thinking and meditation for balance of mind
  • Proper eye exercise - for perfect vision

The tribes of Wayanad have their indigenous streams of holistic herbal medicine which is getting increasing attention these days. We give you a never-before chance to experience it first-hand at Haritagiri Hotel & Ayurvedic Village.

Hotel Haritagiri
Hotel Haritagiri
Hotel Haritagiri
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